About us

The history of Gomaye
Gomaye was founded in 2018 and is a Scandinavian brand that caters to stylish women who place high demands on quality and design. With deep roots in the dualism that arises between international currents and the Danish design tradition, Gomaye creates its collections. In the meeting between the two, what we call "twisted classics" arise, which are classic designs with a sophisticated edge. 

The mission of Gomaye
Gomaye's mission is to bring more reflection and elegance into women's wardrobe. We want to create designs where materials, textures, colours, and cuts can both interplay and be put together in new and unexpected ways, so styling becomes the deciding factor. Without the need to follow any trend, Gomaye caters to the woman who invests in clothes that she will love for more than one season. At the same time, each collection is a commentary on the currents of the time; every single element is created to elevate your look to a statement.

Your Gomaye
Gomaye was created with style in mind. Gomaye's designs provide no definitive answer and can be combined indefinitely. Our styles provide space for your personal interpretation so you can express who you are.

A part of something bigger
Gomaye is part of an international fashion company that has 50 years behind it. Gomaye is a new and innovative brand that has grown out of an established brand house with a total of 15 brands. This means that Gomaye is part of a long Danish design tradition, with a focus on good craftsmanship. Anchored in an established and highly specialized fashion house means that Gomaye can offer designs of the highest quality with a perfected fit.