Feminine and chic leggings for every woman
Today, leggings have become a regular part of the international fashion scene, while leggings greatly characterize the street scene when it comes to the latest fashion for women. The advantage of leggings is the high degree of comfort that you get, thanks to the extremely comfortable and flexible materials that leggings are made of. From printed to leather styles, you’ll find the perfect look to match all the tops in your wardrobe rotation. Browse the incredible selection for the perfect pair to suit your personal taste. Flattering and versatile, every pair of leggings from Gomaye comes with a guarantee that they offer high comfort and style. 

We are Gomaye
Gomaye is a Scandinavian brand that was founded in 2018. Gomaye is part of Godske Group, an international fashion company that has 50 years of experience in fashion. Gomaye is a new and innovative brand that has grown out of an established brand house with a total of 15 brands. Gomaye is part of a long Danish design tradition, with a focus on good craftsmanship. Gomaye can offer designs of the highest quality with a perfected fit.

Mix ‘n match 
Leggings are the perfect choice if you want to highlight your legs and show off your beautiful shapes and silhouette. Whether you want a stylish and elegant look at work, at a party or when you are with friends and family, leggings are the perfect match. You can style leggings with your favourite dress, a skirt, a shirt, or a blouse and stilettos for festive events and special occasions and to achieve a sophisticated and feminine look that suits your personal style. Or match a pair of leggings with your favourite knit or t-shirt and sneakers to add a more casual look to your personal wardrobe. Choose a pair of comfortable leggings that you can relax with at home when it's the weekend or you have a holiday. Get inspired by leggings for any situation among our large selection.

Get inspired 
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