Jackets all year around
There are many different jackets that make one can always find something that you like. Gomaye has a wide selection of jackets in different lengths, different colours, patterns, and materials as Gomaye desires that you find a jacket that complements the clothes in your wardrobe. Which jackets are in fashion changes with the seasons, so in the winter you will typically find a lot of nice winter jackets that protect against the cold, while in the spring you can find smart denim jackets, trench coats or light wool jackets. You can make sure that your wardrobe is always complete if you make sure to buy a nice jacket that can be combined with the rest of your wardrobe.

We are Gomaye
Gomaye is a Scandinavian brand that was founded in 2018. Gomaye is part of Godske Group, an international fashion company that has 50 years of experience in fashion. Gomaye is a new and innovative brand that has grown out of an established brand house with a total of 15 brands. Gomaye is part of a long Danish design tradition, with a focus on good craftsmanship. Gomaye can offer designs of the highest quality with a perfected fit.

Stylish with a twist
How to put together your outfit is entirely up to you. Gomaye has a large selection of different jackets that can be used for all occasions. Whether you need to be elegant or casual, we have something for you. The colours are very varied, but if you want an item that suits most things, then you never go wrong with a classic jacket or a trench coat. There is a wealth of beautiful jackets, everything from thin summer jackets and wind jackets to thicker transition jackets and winter jackets. If necessary, use our transition jackets with a summer top underneath in the warm months and a knit in the cold months. Discover a jacket that can fit with any outfit. Add a trench coat to a party outfit or find a winter jacket for the cold. 

Get inspired 
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